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Grasslands Farms is an agribusiness with a social purpose. We are committed to improving the lives of smallholder farmers. Grasslands Farms collaborates with small farms in North America and the world to build sustainable enterprises that boost rural development.

Small farms can’t produce as much as commercial farms. With limited access to technology, financing and information, smallholders don’t always grow efficiently and mostly sell locally. Grasslands Farms seeks to transform and boost agricultural productivity and build a direct bridge to connect small farms with international buyers. The result are small farms that increase crop yields, capture more value, and provide more employment and wealth in their small communities.

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Our food is sourced primarily from areas of North America that are not limited by seasonality. That means we bring you the freshest fruits and vegetable you'll find anywhere. Our modern facilities in Tecamachalco, Mexico ensure the product is packed, and presented ready for the supermarket shelves.

Taste the difference of Grasslands Farms and change the way you eat.


Also available on our YouTube channel.

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